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The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) was established by a Royal Decree in January 1993 and is today managed by Mr. Hilal Al Ahsani, CEO, and a Board of Directors chaired by HE Sheikh Sa'ad bin Mohammed Al Mardhouf Al Sa'adi, Minister of Commerce and Industry. Since 1993, PEIE has been responsible for developing and managing prime industrial land in the following locations:

Rusayl, Raysut, Sohar, Nizwa, Buraimi, Sur, Sumail, Al Mazunah Free Zone, Knowledge Oasis Muscat
All PEIE estates are suitable for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and office space. PEIE also works closely with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Oman Chamber of Commerce, Omani Centre for Investment Promotion and Export Development (OCIPED), permitting and regulatory organizations, utility providers and others to develop the partnerships that assure business success. Moreover, it assists companies in site development, developing buildings, facilitating governmental permissions, as well as helping firms market and promote their products.
Satisfying the Client
PEIE recognises that the customer is paramount to the continued success of its business and therefore offers excellent service from the first point of contact and throughout the duration of its leases. Indeed, the most important decision a company makes when locating or re-locating its business is getting the right site or premises. The availability, suitability, choice and quality of premises helps business not only with their image but also with their long-term success. Factors important to domestic and international investors, employers and employees can all be satisfied in the Sultanate. For example, low cost land and premises combined with a high quality of life make Oman an excellent place to live and work. Oman's workforce is skilled and reliable and transport and communication links are world class. Added to this is a highly proactive pro-business government, keen to attract inward investment and it is clear the opportunities are here for the taking.
Location and Communications
Today, as a member of the WTO and founding member of the Gulf Co-operation Council and the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation, Oman is a dynamic, multicultural and multilingual business community strategically placed on regional and international communication grids that offers PEIE residents full access to markets in the Gulf, the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Far East. International as well as domestic businesses have been attracted to PEIE developments, not only by their excellent geographic location but also by their accommodation, facilities, support services and tranquil and secure setting. Oman's communications are second to none, with access to road networks, port and cargo handling facilities and an international airport all within easy reach, access couldn't be quicker or more convenient.
Enhance Oman's position as a leading regional centre of manufacturing, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship excellence
  • Identify suitable land for developing industrial infrastructure.
  • Develop these land areas, as per a master plan, with basic infrastructure facilities and utilities and provide to inventors on long-term lease for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and for commercial purposes.
  • Provide built-up space and communication connectivity in some specialized industrial areas.
  • Liaise with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and other regulatory and promotional organizations, and utility providers to assist investors in setting up and running their businesses.
  • Help firms market and promote their products.
  • Organise seminars, workshops and take entrepreneurship development efforts such as incubators to nurture a vibrant industrial community.
  • Provide necessary social infrastructure such as housing and recreation facilities to support industrial activities.
Attract industrial investments and provide continued support, through regionally and globally competitive strategies, good infrastructure, value adding services, and easy governmental processes. <
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Rusayl Industrial Estate is situated 45 kilometres from Muscat and occupies 7,9 Million square meters. Established in 1983, Rusayl is Oman's flagship industrial estate. From its initial 12 factories, Rusayl is now a bustling estate with 211 factories. Factories in operation produce a wide spectrum of consumer as well as industrial-oriented products, ranging from: chemicals; batteries; electrical and building materials; fibre optic cables; foodstuff; textiles; garments; stationery; and paints.
As on all PEIE managed-estates, Rusayl provides its tenants with first class facilities and services, these include: factory and office space; electricity; water; gas; telecommunications; sewage treatment; disposal of solid and other waste; housing; internal and external road networks; mosques; banks; restaurants; supermarket; post office; and clinic. Rusayl is also home to offices of the Customs Department and Royal Oman Police
Sohar Industrial Estate covers an area of 21,674,348 sqm, of which 10,730,000 sqm have been developed and subdivided into 226 plots. Established in November 1992, and ideally located mid-way between Muscat (200 kilometres) and Dubai (180 Kilometres) Sohar – Oman's garden city – offers tenants easy access to domestic as well as international markets.
The estate is home to 60 businesses, 35 units under construction and a further 55 are expected to come on stream in the near future. On the estate's doorstep is Sohar Port, a large three-phase project which began late-1999. The Daewoo Corporation completed the construction of a breakwater and Hyundai Engineering & Construction, executed the dredging and reclamation at the port. Turkey's STFA Construction is building an 850-metre long quay. In time, the Port will boast cargo and container berths and two liquid cargo berths, to be used for oil, as well as a 260-metre quay for the upcoming fertiliser plant. Moreover, there are plans t o erect a fourth for the aluminum smelter project. The harbour will have a depth of 17 metres, deep enough to accommodate fifth generation container vessels which are currently coming into service. Indeed, the Port has generated considerable international interest in Sohar Industrial Estate. Production on the estate includes: marble; paper recycling; foodstuffs; detergents; leather; furniture; toothpaste; beverages; ice cream; resins; glass, steel bars; and engine oil.
Established in November 1992, Raysut Industrial Estate is located in Oman's southern region of Dhofar. The estate covers an area of 3,069,607 sqm, including warehouse facilities of 30 hectares. Sixty three hectares of the estate have already been developed and are serviced and subdivided into industrial plots ranging from 1,350 to 11,000 square metres.
Raysut Industrial Estate is four kilometres from the strategically placed Port Salalah, the only port between Europe and Singapore that can accommodate the S-class – the world's largest class of container vessel. The Port is in a position that offers easy access to the Gulf, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the east coast of Africa. It is, therefore, in an ideal position for ships sailing between the east coast of the US, Europe and the Far East. With plans to establish a free zone adjacent to the port, there is the potential to make Salalah a major air-sea cargo hub and centre for industrial development, capable of handling next generation container ships of 10,000 - 12,000 TEU containers. Indeed, given the Port's development, as well as plans to initiate a free zone, Raysut Industrial Estate's popularity with international investors has seen a marked increase. As a result of this, the government is expanding the Estate and has begun to supply it with subsidized natural gas. Raysut Industrial Estate is home to manufacturers producing a range of products, such as: school stationery, box files, ice, fish processing, frozen chickens, PVC pipes, steel fabrication, medical supplies, solar heaters, flour, fertilizer and vegetable oil.
Sur Industrial Estate is situated in the Al Sharqia region, 300 kilometers from Muscat. The estate was established in 1999, covers an area of 36,10 Million square meters and boasts a deep water harbour. Major tenants on the estate include: Oman LNG, the National Gas Company and the newly created - US$969 million project - Oman India Fertiliser Company (OMIFCO). Given the nature and international stature of the estate's key tenants, Sur is rapidly developing expertise and competitive advantage in the area of natural gas and its associated industries and services
Inaugurated in November 1994, Nizwa Industrial Estate is located in Oman's interior, 180 Kilometres from Muscat and covers 3,097,935 Million square meters.
Nizwa Industrial Estate plays a pivotal role in accelerating industrial development in Oman's Al-Dakhliya, Al-Wusta and Al-Dhahira government. With the recently completed Muscat-Nizwa dual carriageway, the estate offers tenants rapid access to Muscat, the capital's Seeb International Airport and Mina Sultan Qaboos Port. The estate is home to manufacturers producing: ceramics; plastics; medical products; plywood; tea packaging; mineral water; water tanks; ferrous casting; oil services and foodstuffs.
Buraimi Industrial Estate was established in 1998 and occupies a total area of 5,5 million square meters. Buraimi is located in the Al-Dhahira government in the western part of the Sultanate and occupies a strategic business location on the border with the UAE. Given the estate's geographical location - easy and rapid access to air and seaports in both Oman and the UAE - it offers tremendous opportunities to tenants wishing to exploit either domestic or/and emerging B-2-C and B-2-B markets particularly in the Gulf region and Central Asia.
Al Mazunah Free Zone commenced operations in November 1999 and is located in Oman's southern region of Dhofar, close to the Yemen border. The Free Zone is located 260 kilometres from Salalah, 245 kilometres from Al Gaydah and 500 kilometres from Sayun, the two closest Yemeni cities. Given the nature of the Free Zone it lies outside the lit of Oman's tax boundaries, and as such, businesses are able to enter Al Mazunah without visa or completing border procedures between Oman and Yemen. Indeed, Al Mazunah offers excellent opportunities to those wishing to trade goods through Oman into Yemen, or locate warehouse facilities. The Free Zone occupies 4,5 million square meter which is divided into 100 plots ranging in size from 2,000 to 16,000 square metres. To date, 21 businesses and an exhibition area are in operation on the Free Zone.
Smail Industrial Estate is located in the wilayat of Smail in Al Dakhiliyah governorate, about 45 km away from Muscat International Airport. It occupies an area of 7.4 million square meters. The establishing of Smail Industrial Estate was first announced in 2010, and the number of investors who have signed leases has reached more than 130 investors. Significant efforts are being made by the management of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates to accelerate the implementation of infrastructure projects for Smail Industrial Estate.
KOM is the ideal location for businesses starting or expanding in the Middle East. Factors important to investors, employers and employees can all be satisfied in the Sultanate. Competitively priced land and office spaces, combined with a high quality of life make Muscat an excellent place to live, work and for recreation!

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