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Information relating to kids in Oman are available, but it is not all under one "roof", so to speak. Hence parents (especially those who are new to Oman) have to spend a considerable amount of time googling and asking their friends for advice on the "where, what, who, how and whens". It is our objective to make your life much easier by compiling all the information on anything and everything related to kids in Oman under one "roof". We hope that each time you need to find a dance teacher or dentist or even a bicycle repair shop, all you need to do is visit our website, and you will have your answer, just like that!

For this vision to materialize, we hope that our readers will also contribute should they come across any new establishment (or establishments we may have overlooked!) which is related to kids. It can be a summer camp, or a kids and mum event, or sales in a kids' apparel shop, anything, as long as they involve children! Just give us the name and contact of the establishment and we will do the follow-up, so that other parents would also benefit from this new piece of information:)

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