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Masaken Al Raha LLC

Region : Muscat, Rusayl
Phone : +968 24449244,
Timing : 08:00 am - 06:00 pm
Email :
Website :
Address : Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Rusayl Housing Complex
Masaken Al Raha LLC

About Masaken Al Raha LLC

The total area of land is 55,590 sqm
Masaken al Raha is a township project with integrated residential, commercial and recreational facilities as well as other related services. The township has been specifically-designed to offer high living standards that are in-line with international norms and observing the best welfare of resident workers.
With the rapid growth witnessed at the Rusayl Industrial Estate, the Sultan Qaboos University, KOM (the Knowledge Oasis Muscat) and the numerous other projects within and surrounding that area, ‘Masaken al Raha’ was conceived as an integrated solution to the problem of accommodating the thousands of workers and technicians who will be mobilized in the coming years to build and serve those facilities & projects.<
Additionally, with the enforcement of the new law restricting the accommodation of workers in residential areas, an important increase in the demand for alternative workers accommodations outside the residential center of Muscat is expected. ‘Masaken al Raha’ would therefore stand as one of the best options available due to its proximity to the Muscat City Center Seeb.
Strategically located at KOM, and less than 3 Kilometers away from the Rusayl Industrial Estate, ‘Masaken al Raha’ will be built over a total land plot of about 55,590 sqm, with an option to expand to 148,000 sqm.

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