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Natural Parks

The parks and gardens are: Qurum Natural Park, Riyam and Al Naseem, Kalbou Beach Park, Al Wadi Al Kabeer Park, Al A'merat Public Park, Quriyat Lake Park, The Park of A'Seeb Beach and Al Sahwa Park

Al Riyam Park
Located at the eastern end of the Matrah Corniche, al Riyam Park takes advantage of stunning views and the unique natural landscape. The green park is located on a small peninsula and includes two steep hills, one of which contains an ancient Portuguese watchtower. The second hill, further inland, is crowned with a white modern watchtower built to look like an incense burner. The tower draws tourists for the panoramic views extending from Matrah to Old Muscat.
Qurum Natural Park
Qurum Park is the largest park in Muscat. It covers up an area of 17,15,449 sq meters and is located in a convenient position. There is no entrance fee to this park. The Muscat Municipality is taking care in the maintenance of this park.
Another bewitching sight is the Sultan Qaboos Rose Garden. The variety of roses in this garden is really a feast to eyes and that is why Qurum Natural Park is also known as "Rose Garden". It is a real treat walking along the meandering walkways of this park. This sprawling Natural Park which is located by the side of the main coastal road right down to the public beach.
Ghubra Lake Park
The park is located very close to the Chedi hotel. This is a very good park for evening walk. Evening time, lots of families. Their are some swings also for kids. Lot of people doing bar-be-que. Very safe till late night also. It is next to sea so very nice sea breeze even during summers.
Naseem Garden
Naseem Park or Naseem Garden is located on the outskirts of Muscat city towards Sohar. Almost 25 Kilometers from Muscat Airport. A short drive from Muscat, Naseem gardens is a place that has been well maintained and offers nice shades as authorities have ensured that all are kept well.. plenty of space where lot of families can be accommodated, kids have place to play and that's something every family looks at. It is a very big garden with decent children's play area. It is one of the venues of Muscat Festival every January and February. Good for those living in Muscat. Definitely not something that should be on a tourists wish list.

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