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Transport Services

Road Services
Mwasalat Oman
As the Great Renaissance gathered momentum in 1972, the Government under the august command of His Majesty Sultan Qaboosbin Said created a new enterprise. The Oman National Transport Company set-up a school bus service largely in the Muscat region.Today, it has become a noteworthy network of local transport, connecting all the cities in Oman. In October, 2015 ONTC was rebranded as Mwasalat.

In 1975, long-distance coach services to major cities and towns in Oman was established. These services have spread to even more locations within Oman that are connected to the network.

There were plenty of local bus services in Muscat but with the advent of affordable cars and finance, these services became redundant except the one that serves Ruwi, Wadi Adai and Wadi Khabir.

Headquartered and chiefly operating out of Al Azaiba, today the company has 200 buses and 320 staff. There is one major bus station for local and long-distance services in central Ruwi.

Mwasalat owns the largest fleet in the Sultanate, currently Mwasalat has fleet of 574 buses comprising of Mini Buses, Low Floor Buses, Long Distance Coaches, & state of the art Super Luxury Coaches. Mwasalat fleet is supported through a network of 11 branch offices & 13 Agencies.
Mwasalat offering number of intercity routes that take you from Muscat to various cities of Oman and Dubai, also Mwasalat provide intercity service from Salalah to other cities in Oman and Dubai, In accordance with the following schedule:
Route No From To Transit Stops No. of Trips's
41 Ruwi ALBURAIMI - Burj AlSahwa
- AlMabailah
52 Ruwi SINAW - Burj AlSahwa
- AlMuthaibi
54 Ruwi YANQUL - Burj AlSahwa
55 Ruwi SUR - Burj AlSahwa
62 Ruwi JIBAL - Burj AlSahwa
100 Ruwi Salalah Marmul 3
101 Ruwi Marmul - Burj AlSahwa
- Nizwa
102 Salalah Dubai -Nizwa
- Al buraimi
201 Ruwi Dubai -Sohar 3
For more details and ticketing please call our branches at :
RUWI Station 24708522 - 24701294
Burj AlSahwa Station : 24510438
Sohar Office : 26841772
ALBuraimi Office : 25652424
SUR Office : 25540019
ALMabilah Office : 24460160
SALALAH Office : 23292773
Hotline (Head Office) : 24121500 - 24121555
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Air Services
Oman Air, the designated carrier of the Sultanate of Oman is a business enterprise committed to the basic objective of providing safe, reliable and profitable air transport services for passengers and cargo as well as other aviation related services. Apart from being recognized as a strong business presence, Oman Air is respected for its professional attitude and recommended for its punctuality and service excellence.

Starting off as a regional player, Oman Air as Oman's national carrier, has witnessed rapid growth since the time it was established. The ownership of Oman Air rests in the hands of the government of Oman. Oman Air has its hub base at Muscat International Airport in Muscat, Oman. Oman Air Head Office is situated at Muscat, Oman. This airline has a strong work force of well-trained employees whose dedication and hard work has helped us to build a distinct identity and customer base.

Oman Air partners with many carriers around the world, while having a special code-share partnership with several select carriers. Oman Air has implemented its Frequent Flyer Programme with these code share partners. Today, it has carved a niche of its own with its renowned traditions of hospitality, and flies to several destinations, on both domestic and international sectors. Oman Air is now the airline of choice for the discerning business and leisure traveller in the regional airline scenario. Bringing together, people from different nations and diverse cultures. Welcoming each one of its guests with true hospitality and warmth that it's quintessentially Omani.

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Water Services
National Ferries Company S.A.O.C is a significant contributor to the maritime transport infrastructure and development in the Sultanate of Oman. The exceptional challenges of the long coastline of the Sultanate,which is about 3,165 km long, makes this ferry service a necessity for the citizens & tourist alike as it provides vital links between ports and save travelling time. On passage between destinations, passengers get to enjoy the picturesque and majestic coastline of the country by relaxing in the high comfortable seats and first class service onboard.

All NFC's fast ferries serve passenger and vehicle movements between key ports:
  • Muscat - Khasab (Musandam)
  • Khasab - Lima (Musandam) (currently only passengers and cargo)
  • Shinas - Khasab (launched on 9th May 2012)
  • Shannah - Masirah (launched on 14th August 2014)
  • Shinas - Dibba - Khasab (launched on 28th August 2014)
In addition to the scheduled services, exclusive trips are also a key service provided to citizens & tourists cruising the waters of Muscat and surrounding majestic coastline. Since the inauguration in 2008, both locals and tourist have enjoyed the unique & excellent services on board our vessels.
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Rail Project
Oman railway project is considered to be one of the major and strategic projects that will contribute in achieving a sustainable development at all levels in the country. This will be achieved by the role it will play in connecting the development centers in the country. In addition, the project will add a new pattern of transportation in the region, due to its capabilities of transporting large quantities of goods and merchandises as well large number of passengers for long distance and with low operating cost. This project also aims to enable the transport sector in the sultanate to be vital, effective and substantial to the Omani economy. This can happen by connecting the sultanate ports with the other ports in the region. As a result, ports will be promoted in order to be main hubs playing a major role in the region. Particularly, the project will open new horizons on diversifying in-revenue and empowering commercial movement in the country. This will allow Oman to be a commercial, industrial and logistic attracting platform which will led to finding new investment opportunities in which it will positively impact the GDP.

The project's advisory services for the primary design were assigned to an Italian Company called (Etalvier). Primary designs of all project Segment1of the project which connect Buraimi with Sohar has been completed. All project segments primary designs expected to be complete by January, 2016.

The Omanrail Company, in Feburary 2014, invited the companies carrying out railway projects constructions and systems technology for pre-qualification tender. The pre-qualifying process was conducted in July/2014, in which a number of (18) collation were qualified as a main contractor for the infrastructure and (5) for systems technology .The detailed design tender of segment 1 (buraimi-Sohar) was floated for the qualified companies in 21 August, 2014.

The Oman rail company is currently studying the best options for operating and maintaining railway as well researching the selection of the best option. The company also is currently training (40) Omani fresh engineers who are graduated in various engineering areas (civil, electric, mechanical), in order to be specialized in designing railways courses, communications systems, architecture designing and station construction, railway tunnels and bridges. They are trained by the initial design advisor (Etalvier). The company also studying to establish a railway institute specialized in maintaining, operating and management which will be announced later.

For more information regarding Omanrail Company please click on the following URL: Visit Website

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