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Veterinary Care

Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic
Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic provides the highest level of veterinary care available in Oman. The head veterinarian, Dr. Elke Heitz, is a member of the UK's Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) which ensures expert standards of clinical practice.

Working together, Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic's professionally qualified vets, nurses and staff make certain that your pet receives the very best treatment and care. They offer an extensive range of veterinary services, pet food, pet products and friendly advice too.

Address: Building 1427, Way 1822, Qurum, Muscat, Oman
Phone: +968 24562263
The Muscat Veterinary Clinic
We are sensitive to the bond that exists between pets and their owners. Our entire staff are pet owners adding an extra dimension to our care of your pets.

Our healthcare team aims to provide a diagnostic and surgical unit that would adequately service a rural community medical practice of pets. At Muscat Veterinary Clinic your pet will receive the best treatment possible as we set the benchmark for veterinary care in the Oman.

Phone: +968 99100056
Petcare Veterinary Center
Dr. Svetlana graduated from St.Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine with a first class degree in a year 1999 . She has gained wide experience of all types of animals both domestic(farm) and pets. From 1999 to 2003 worked in cattle farm and from 2003 to 2006 worked in private veterinary clinic in Russia. Through her work with Veterinary Centre and Capital Veterinary Centre, Dr. Svetlana has been practising veterinary medicine in the Sultanate of Oman since 2007 gaining a renowned position in the capital, Muscat. She has now joined a new clinic and assembled a proficient start offering all forms of treatment and care for pets and domestic animals. Address:Post Box 296 Postal Code 411, Sur, Sultanate of Oman
Phone: +968 22043965
Mobile: +968 92303885 | +968 99009459
Ras AI Jinz
Ras AI Jinz is a fishing village located in the Ras AI Hadd Turtle Reserve on the eastern shores of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Ras AI Jinz beach is world renown for the nesting endangered green turtle (Chelonia mydas), probably the most important nesting concentration on the Indian Ocean.

This is the only place where the public can watch the nesting process of these amazing sea giants.

The Ras AI Jinz Centre, an ecotourism project, was established in 2008 to help conserve the fascinating and amazing nesting processes of these giants of the marine turtle world.

Address:Post Box 296 Postal Code 411, Sur, Sultanate of Oman
Phone: +968 96550606 | +968 96550707
Email: |
Oman animal adoption and fostering work off their facebook page and constantly update the animals that are coming through their doors in need of a home. If you would like to get involved in any way contact this group.

Phone: +968 99881936
Pet Importation To Oman
Pet Importation To Oman

If you want to import dogs or cats into the Sultanate of Oman, they need to be accompanied by certified Ministry Health Certificates and an import license. Each animal imported must have a valid vaccination certificate for rabies (see below for an extensive list of vaccinations). Certificates must be produced at the airport on arrival of the animals and shown to the Quarantine Officer. The authorities may require putting the pet in quarantine if not all papers are correct. If this occurs, all costs involved will be for the owner's account.

The import of wildlife of any kind is not allowed, and even import of birds is very restricted.

Assistance: Al Qurum Veterinary Hospital can assist with the import and export procedure and provide updated information prior to travel. For a fee we will handle the whole arrival or departure procedure and obtain the necessary permits for you.

Prior to travel: import license, vaccinations
Vaccinations and other preparation prior to travel:
1. Prepare a Pet Record/ Vaccination Card, containing the following:
Name of Pet, Registration Organisation (employer), Full Name, Breed, Sex, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Colour, Height to top shoulders (dogs), Weight, Owners name, Old Address and New Address.
2. Vaccinations for a dog are Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Leptospirosis. Vaccinations for a cat are Rabies, Catflu and Panleucopenia.
These vaccinations need to be given not later that 1 month prior to and not more that 6 months before arrival.
The animal must have a Rabies Control Certificate showing the vaccine sticker in which the batch number, dates of manufacture and expiry, names of manufacturing company and country are listed. This should always accompany the pet. Have several copies, as everyone seems to wants to see the original and take a copy.
Rabies vaccination should be given a minimum of one month prior to entry into Oman but should not elapse more than 6 months. If Rabies vaccinations are part of an ongoing yearly renewal, 12 months is allowed.
Make sure that with ALL vaccinations given, the details on the Vaccination Card are accompanied by the vaccine sticker taken from the vial (this lists batch number, dates, manufacturing company, etc.)
3. Pets must be older than 4 months.
You must be aware that a law has been passed stating that dogs are only allowed to be walked between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

Pet Adoption & Fostering In Oman

There are many abandoned and stray animals in Oman that are desperate for a home. Here's how you can help.

Animal Adoption & Fostering- Oman

Pet Adoption & Fostering in Oman

ARCs effort to attain government recognition as an official charity is progressing well. So well in fact that they have to put a brief halt to all their actions, as according to Omani law on societies, this will jeopardise successful completion of their charity status.

ARC have temporarily handed over the rehoming, fostering and the general information hotline numbers to a few Omani nationals and international residents who will be operating as an informal network of concerned people regarding the welfare of abandoned, stray and injured animals that are suffering on the streets of Muscat.


We are in need of foster homes for the abandoned and injured animals we have until permanent homes are found. Fostering acclimatises animals into family life which helps in re-homing and also the recovery of the injured.

Our main aim at Animal Adoption and Fostering, is to create awareness in Oman of Dogs and Cats. There is currently an unbeliveable amount of strays in Oman. We are working on a Neutering program, this will minimilise the amount of strays that are roaming the streets. The 'Wadi' dogs and 'Bin' cats as they are known out here make great pets. The dogs, are very protective and loving. And the cats make great indoor or outdoor pets. We are a non-profit organisation and we rely on kind donations from the public and money that is raised from event nights.

The welfare of the animals is also very important to us, therefor we try and keep our dogs in the most natural home enviroments, however this isn't always possible.
If you are able to foster or interested in adopting please contact us
Telephone: 95504302 Website: Facebook:

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