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In line with the Digital Oman Society and e-Government national strategy and to enable e-government transformation plan, the Ministry of Tourism has paid special attention to the use of information technology and systems to provide services to users electronically.

Where the Ministry took into account the ability of these advance technologies to keep up with the rapid changes and the big shift towards the provision of high quality services in innovative ways procedurally and electronically away from the traditional pattern, with the aim of facilitating the procedures and speed up transactions to investors.
You can perform transactions online through our e-Services link below:
1. Omanuna
e Oman Omanuna
The new face of Oman's gateway to government eServices is now called Omanuna. Through Omanuna, which was created as your life partner, will help you access government eServices. The concept of Omanuna was created from the sail of a ship, your direction to your destination. From that Omanuna will help you reach your requirements in government eServices. The name was also derived from the people itself through a social network competition. This national view towards government eServices will encompass all.
An introductory video about Omanuna
2. About
The portal is the gateway to services and information from the government in the Sultanate of Oman. Through our portal you will have access to services you can use electronically or you will find information about where and how to get other services, such as SMS services or forms you can download. This portal has been designed with you the user and your need in mind and navigating this portal is made easier based on your profile and needs.
The portal has been designed with the users' needs in mind. Navigating the portal, individuals can find information and services in user-centric packages integrating public services across different government agencies.
3. Portal administration
The portal is hosted by the Information Technology Authority of Oman (ITA). ITA also owns all contents on this portal and has full intellectual property rights. If you want to copy and use any of the contents, you must get our explicit permission. For more details on ITA and its projects, visit or send an email to
4. ITA Vision & Mission
ITA built this portal as part of our vision to transform the Sultanate of Oman into a sustainable Knowledge Society. We're using Information and Communication Technologies to enhance government services, enrich businesses and empower individuals.
  • Streamlining Government services to individuals and businesses.
  • Enabling knowledge-based industries.
  • Providing information on employment for Omani youth.
  • Enabling better healthcare.
  • Improving educational opportunities.
  • Enhancing social development.
  • Complementing Oman's Economic Vision 2020.
  • Making Oman a more attractive destination for foreign investment.
5. Portal Vision
We envision the people and businesses in Oman to be able to seamlessly access all Omani government information and services, and participate with the Omani government through our common gateway.
6. Portal Mission
Our aim is to empower the people and business in Oman by delivering information and services through a common gateway. We will do this by:
  • Offering multiple channels, which are convenient and comfortable to use, and at affordable cost
  • Structuring access to our services and information based on 'life events', 'personas' and topics
  • Integrating all electronic services offered by the government
  • Constantly upgrading the ease of access to services and information, so adoption within the community is ensured.
7. Benefits of using this portal
Everyone can freely access the portal. We offer the following benefits:
  • A singly entry point to government services, at any time, from anywhere
  • A secure, integrated delivery of services at your convenience
  • Transparent processes that ensures your trust
  • A common look and feel giving you a standardized way of getting to your government services and seeing government information
  • A common gateway for all government entities to provide their services electronically
  • An integrated connection between the various Government systems and services
8. eInclusion
The e.oman portal is committed to supporting an inclusive internet where all people have equal access regardless of ability or disability. To this end we have attempted to ensure that our website is fully accessible to disabled people, so that every citizen of Oman can benefit from the services we provide.
9. Technical Settings
We recommend you to use a screen with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. However, the font size can be varied using the controls provided within the portal. If you are using a mobile phone, we suggest you use our mobile portal which is optimized for smaller screens.
10. When you give us inputs and feedback
We are delighted to get feedback from our users. Feedback and new inputs helps us improve the portal. We want to offer you, our users, the best possible way to access government services through this portal. You can reach us either though Contact Us page, or by using social media tools such as Facebook , Twitter, or YouTube. When we get feedback from you we will either send you an email so you can see that you have reached us, or present you with a confirmation page. We are really committed to include you, our user, into our efforts of improving government services and ease of access. In case you wish to engage in direct communications with our portal team members, please use our help desk operating 24/7 via the toll-free number 800-77777.
11. Portal Statistics
In this section, you can find a summary of some statistics on the number of visits, transactions, feedback and enquiries processed through the portal every month. You may also download detailed reports from this section. Portal Statistics
12. Portal security and reliability
We encrypt all sessions and data – all your communication with us is confidential. We have a high-level of redundancy within the systems, and this portal can handle about 500 concurrent users reliably and efficiently. The security infrastructure layer built around this portal ensures that data traffic is secure from intruders and hackers.
13. Portal Usability & Survey
As per our eInclusion policy we encourage interactions with regard to government services from all members of the society and so we offer several channels to interact with us. We wish to enhance this portal to serve you better by constantly improving. Please tell us about your user experience with the portal, by taking part in this survey . You can always view the recently compiled summary of survey results .
14. eParticipation Policy
In order to assure social equity and quality of life benefits for all segments of the society we encourage e-participation to discuss about our services. Several channels are available for you reach us and kindly read our eParticipation policy here eParticipation policy
15. Linking to this Portal
If you wish to link to this portal, you may kindly do so. Further if you require our official banner logo to include on behalf of this portal on your website, please contact us by sending an email to We are more than happy to send high-resolution images for your use in various online and offline media.

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