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Al Hoota Cave to reopen on Sept 5

The popular tourist destination of Al Hoota Cave, which has undergoing renovation, will be opened for tourists from September 5. The information was revealed by Salah al Ghazali, chief operating officer of Omran. With Eid al Adha holidays fast approaching, the opening of Al Hoota Cave will be a boost to the domestic tourism in the country. “This place has been always popular since its opening in 2006 and it is very unfortunate that the renovation took long time to complete,” said a tour operator who wished not to be named as there is no official information yet from the ministry.
Due to the nature of its location, the cave faces major challenges such as flooding, which has been one of the reasons that it had to be closed on a number of occasions for repair work.

The cave is about two hours drive away from Muscat and half an hour from Nizwa. According to official sources, the cave was discovered by local residents hundreds of years ago and its name derives from the village where it is located.
The cave extends for 5km underground, but it may only be accessed for a distance of 860m, ending at Cave Lake. It has two holes through which water cascading from the mountain top enters via the (Al Hoota) hole, and exits through the other (Al Falaah) hole after passing through the connected cave passageways.
As per details available on the website, visiting hours are from Saturday to Thursday (9am-1pm) and 2-5.15pm. On Friday, timings are 9-12pm and 2-5.15pm. Entry fee is RO 5. It generally takes around 40 minutes to complete the tour of the cave.
Tour operators and the cave management have advised visitors to follow advance booking systems as there is a limit to the number of visitors that the site can accept daily.


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