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Healthy Eating_A supplementary meal guide in Oman

Healthy Eating_A supplementary meal guide in Oman

We live in an era where healthy lifestyle is a sought-after phenomenon around the world; people are seeking better and healthier ways to perfect their overall health as well as their body appearance. Gyms are becoming crowded with men and women who lift and jog their lives out, healthy cafes are becoming a thing now, which I totally endorse and encourage. Football fields are being built at every corner of the city, all this is for us to be in good physical shape and away from all sorts of diseases. To reach your weight loss or fitness goal, you ought to follow a proper meal plan accompanied with supplements that are full of nutritious benefits that suit your plan, and sometimes one must complement the other. The dietary supplement companies are the ones whom we should thank for the fact that they are introducing alternatives for those with a sweet-tooth or who are coffee-obsessed. Here are three healthy dietary options available in Oman that will guarantee a better, balanced, and most importantly healthy living.

Nutritious Choices

It’s widely known that food is what makes 70% of the diet and weight loss journey, so why not make a healthy trip to Sidewalk Healthy Café in Qurum Commercial Centre and have a hefty meal full of good nutrition?

Sidewalk Café is a healthy bistro that serves a variety of clean bites, from grilled meats to healthy burgers and sandwiches, to low-calorie cheesecakes and cappuccinos. And, personally, counting calories is the best way to reach your fitness goal, and that is offered at the café, where every meal is listed with its calories and nutrition portions in detail. The place also has meal plans for those who are up for a serious commitment. They have monthly plans of carefully selected dishes that suit your liking, delivered to your doorstep. What’s there not to like?

Sidewalk Café

Location: Qurum Commercial Centre

Contact: +968 9701 6284

Snack Alternatives

It’s important to keep snacking throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism up and running, which will deliver you fantastic results. If you are a sweet addict, or you cannot stay away from a bag of chips, then head straight to Eat Smart Supplements in Qurum Commercial District, it’s a dietary supplement wonderland.

They say fruits and veggies are what we should be snacking on but there are times when you can no longer bear the idea of having just that. The supplement centre has pretty interesting snack alternatives that will add a little bit of spark into your diet. They have delicious bags of protein chips, which I’ve never seen elsewhere and they taste just like normal chips but are healthier. They also have protein bars with a variety of flavours such as brownies and chocolate fudge, as well as flavoured oatmeal packs, jars of peanut butter, and most importantly, the protein coffee, which is my personal favourite. It takes me a minute to mix the powder with iced water then I’m good to go.

Eat Smart Supplements offer numerous international brands of supplements for hardcore fans of protein shakes and fat burners, though an assessment is advisable.

Eat Smart Supplements

Location: Qurum Commercial District, Qurum

Contact: + 968 9905 5709

Time for Shakes

Milkshakes and strawberry milk are popular drinks. They are delicious in taste and rich in nutrition. Cambridge Weight Plan in Al Ghubra has a unique diet plan that consists of shakes with a variety of flavours, including chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate mint, banana, mango, walnut, and many more, which means you’re diet will never have a dull moment. The Cambridge shakes are calorie counter of about 140 per pack, and are considered a full nutritious meal. As we know, dinner is recommended to be super light, and that’s where this diet comes into play. You can have a chocolate shake for dinner. The place is a famous dietary centre with an online community that supports you throughout the journey. And your personal diet consultant will keep a track of your eating habits and assess you on a weekly basis.

Cambridge Weight Plan

Location: Al Ghubra House (above Al Maya Supermarket, behind Porsche Showroom), Al Ghubra

Contact: +968 2461 4261



Credit: Times of Oman

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