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If you are heading south Do Not miss the Pink Beach

If you are heading south Do Not miss the Pink Beach

Crystal clear waters of Barr Al Hikman and white sandy beaches of Masirah Island are places worth exploring in Wusta region

The southern parts of the Sultanate have been enjoying great weather lately, making it a perfect season to visit.
When the south of Oman is mentioned, Salalah is the first that comes to mind, but there are many spectacularly unique attractions that represent what is unique about the Sultanate.
From wildlife sanctuaries that bring birds across the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic, to pink beaches that are a true natural wonder.
Yes, waters are truly pink.
Al Wosta Governorate is a truly magical region, ripe for exploring.
If you have the wanderlust bug, but have too short a time for a getaway, then treat yourself to these locations that seem out of this world:
You may have seen some images of pink waters in exotic locations like Australia, Azerbaijan and Bolivia, but did you know the Sultanate has its own awe-inspiring pink beach?
The pink beach of Al Jazir is a string of seasonal lagoons that will make you think you are staring at an edited photo while you are there.
The lagoons will make you second guess your vision, as on one side you will see a saturated image of pink lagoons and green mangroves, and on the other, you will see white sands and blue waters.

Barr Al Hikman No other word describes Barr Al Hikman other than magical. Crystal clear teal waters and white sandy beaches.
The feeling of secluded beauty is overwhelming and the pure proximity to nature invigorating.
Barr Al Hikman is famous for being the flight path of many birds that migrate from all across the globe.
It is one of the very few spots in the world that is a flight path to so many birds. You will not see any settlements here or any building, just pure nature in its most beautiful form.
Masirah Island One of the most famous islands in the Sultanate is famous for a reason: it is spectacular.
The south side of the island’s beaches are different from the north side, and both sides are adorned with fine white sands and rich biodiverse waters.


♦ You can reach the pink beaches by passing Duqum and heading southwest until you reach Al Jazir.
♦ The pink beach is approximately 7 km east of the city centre.
♦ Barr Al Hickman: Head Towards Masairah, then towards Mahout, follow the signs to Filim and turn right to the sandy beaches.
♦ Make sure you have a 4×4 and are experienced as the sands are difficult to traverse.
♦ It is advisable to hire a local guide to take you.
♦ Masirah Island: Take the Sur–Sinaw road and continue for 470 km till you reach mahout, then head to the jetty in Shana, which is about 75 km away.
♦ You will need take the ferry to the island once you reach the jetty.
♦ Srikanth Ayyagari, a tourist, says: “We stayed at Masirah Island Resorts during our trip.
♦ The ambience and hospitality is unbelievable.
♦ The next day morning, the sunrise view from took me to an unknown world.
♦ As a visitor to Masirah Island, you can feel the harmony of nature, the calmness of the sea waves, and the cool breeze which giving you a deep sense of peacefulness as you breathe the pure air.
♦ Breezes off the Arabian Sea mean Masirah is 10 degrees cooler.


♦ The pink beaches get their spectacular colour from the unique algae that gives the sands and waters a pink hue
♦ Barr Al Hikman is a natural bird migration highway, which makes it one of the best places for bird watching and wildlife photography
♦ The weather around Masirah Island and the Wusta region this time of year is very pleasant, averaging the high 20s and early 30s.
♦ It is also a season when rain is not uncommon.

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