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Murry village - A perfect getaway

Murry village - A perfect getaway Murry village - A perfect getaway

Murry village in the Wilayat of Al Rustaq in Governorate of South Al Batinah is one of the beautiful villages famous for agriculture and tourist spots such as castles, towers, old Aflaj or water channels, inscriptions and drawings on stones. The village is located in the west and is the last town in the Wilayat of Al Rustaq.

It is also the main crossing point between the Governorates of Al Dhahirah, South Al Batinah and Al Dakhiliyah and about 45 kilometres away from the centre of the wilayat. The village can be reached through Al Rustaq-Maskan (in Ibri) road. It enjoys a distinct cool climate as is surrounded by towering mountains of western Al Hajar mountains. Ali bin Abbas al Ajmi, Director of Tourism Department in the Governorate of South Al Batinah, says Murry village is one of the beautiful villages frequented by visitors both from inside and outside the Sultanate due to its strategic location.

It is rich in many natural potentials and has many historic monuments. He adds the main attraction which draws the tourists to the village are its towering mountains, lush trees, green areas and flowing water from the mountains and valleys. This is in addition to castles, towers and rock inscriptions that indicate the era in which people lived. This is also immortalised through engraving on the rock and is an evidence of the town’s historic age. Al Ajmi points out that the Department of Tourism in the Governorate of South Al Batinah plans to organise various tourism events in the village targeting school students which include awareness lectures, cleaning campaigns and competitions. Mohammed bin Saleh al Muqbali, a resident of the village, says the village has seen various infrastructure development which includes schools, paving of roads, lighting, telecom networks, health and other services.

Al Muqbali points out the cooperation among the citizens of the village towards building Al Haq mosque, village Majlis, and a number of other charitable projects. He says Murry village is famous for its agriculture as villagers cultivate all kinds of date palms, in addition to certain types of fruits, which include mangoes, grapes and vegetables as well as wheat, which is the primary source of food, and animal feed, such as clover. He added that villagers also raise livestock, including camels and goats, in addition to Omani honey bees. — ONA

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